Baby Bouncer | Milk


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A classic vintage style baby bouncer made from breathable natural cotton mesh and a sturdy steel frame to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable at all times.
The perfect place for your baby to play and rest when not in your arms.
Made in New Zealand.
Product information:
  • This bouncer has been constructed out of special quality steel to give baby a soothing happy rocking motion when lying and playing, plus a place where baby can be fed or rest close to supervision without being held
  • The harness, which is made of strong cotton webbing, is interlocked and sewn into the cover, has no buckles or other device that can accidentally come undone
  • It is made with a high quality cotton cover that can be removed to wash and replaced onto the frame for drying.
  • The frame has been built in two sections and can be dismantled if desired for storage or travel purposes.
  • Suitable from newborn.